Platform Wederopbouw Rotterdam

About post-war reconstruction

Reconstruction is the term used to denote the redevelopment of the Netherlands after the destruction of World War Two. Rotterdam is the ultimate City of Reconstruction. Read more


A good overview of the most important events in Rotterdam after the war and the buildings from the post-war reconstruction period in the eastern part of the city centre. View timeline


People with fond memories of city life during the post-war period share their story. And people with a special liking for post-war architecture share their fascination. View stories


The eastern section of the city centre consists of three areas — Wereldhaven, Hoogkwartier and Laurenskwartier. View districts

Guest contributions

Much is published about the reconstruction period in the form of projects, essays, interviews and lectures. We want to gather these publications on this website. View guest contributions

The platform

This website tells the story of the post-war reconstruction of Rotterdam. The website is growing all the time.The ambition is to create one single website as the most important source of information about the post-war reconstruction of the centre of Rotterdam. The eastern part of city centre has already been documented. Read more


Use the search function to find remarkable stories, individual districts and guest contributions in the timeline.